Friday’s Five to Live By

June 24, 2011


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Friday's Five To Live By

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

Call Out to God

Ed Welch, writing at the CCEF’s blog, posts insightful reflections on whether or not our suffering is “big enough” to “matter.” The title of his post should foreshadow his answer: No More Minimizing Pain.

Cling to the Cross

Over at the Association of Biblical Counselors’ blog, Elyse Fitzpatrick provides wise counsel for living our lives based upon The Transforming Power of the Cross.

Grow in Grace

Pastor Kevin DeYoung and Pastor Tullian Tchividjian have been blogging about the relationship between salvation and sanctification. Their gracious interaction not only models how we should relate to one another in the Body of Christ in the blogosphere. It also teaches us much about God’s plan for our growth in grace. As a sampler, read Kevin’s post Holiness Is Indicative and Imperative. By the way, the BCC hopes to “join the conversation” and present a series of blog posts on this vital topic.

Delight Your Heavenly Father

The BCC welcomes Pastor Chris Boucher to the blogosphere. Among his new posts, you will find Whole-Hearted Repentance of great value in your walk with God.

Focus on the Heart

All truly biblical counseling focuses not only on behavior, but also on heart motivations and on our relationship to Christ. Pastor Rob Green reminds us of this and relates it to pre-marital counseling in Premarriage Counseling Is Not First about the Marriage.

Join the Conversation

Which post impacted you the most? Why? What blog posts on biblical counseling and Christian living have you enjoyed this week that you want to share with others?

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  1. This is one of my favorite postings from you guys/gals – The Friday 5, keep em coming…

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