Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

Our First Book: Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

We are also continuing to offer our first book, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: Changing Lives with God’s Changeless Truth. Providing a positive presentation of the sufficiency of Scripture for progressive sanctification, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling seeks to become a catalyst for the return of God’s people to Gospel-centered one-another ministry in the context of the local church.

Contributing authors include James MacDonald, Bob Kellemen, Steve Viars, Mike Wilkerson, Mark Shaw, and John Piper. You can read endorsements from other notable leaders in the field of biblical counseling, and even download two full chapters for free (see below). 

Download Free Sample Chapters

As an added bonus, we're making the first chapter by John Piper and Jack Delk and the third chapter by Justin Holcomb and Mike Wilkerson available free of charge. As you will see, the focus of Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling is truth applied to life. Readers will receive theological wisdom, practical expertise, and a robust, loving, best-practice guide to biblical counseling. Best of all, readers will be encouraged to trust God’s Word in the midst of suffering, relational conflict, and battles against besetting sins. 

What People Are Saying

“The rise of the biblical counseling movement is one of the most helpful and hopeful developments in the recent history of the Christian church. This movement has returned counseling where it belongs, in the church and in the Scriptures. In this massively important new book, some of the leading figures in the biblical counseling movement set forth a wealth of wisdom. We have needed this book for a long time.”

—Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Christ-centered Biblical Counseling is a much needed resource that will set a frame of reference for your existing biblical counseling ministry or deepen a paradigm that might already exist in your church. It is vital that the church take seriously the call to disciple their own through Christ-centered counsel.”

—Matt Chandler, Pastor, The Village Church, Author of The Explicit Gospel

“As a pastor I am constantly on the lookout for the kind of material that helps me in dealing with the care of my congregation. Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling is a wonderful compendium of godly wisdom that is a vital resource for a busy pastor. I commend it warmly.”

—Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Read Quotes of Note

Still not convinced? Check out our Quotes of Note, a collection of pithy selections from each chapter that are edifying and equipping in and of themselves.  

Quotes from Chapter 1: The Glory of God

Biblical counseling is God-centered, Bible-saturated, emotionally in-touch use of language to help people become God-besotted, Christ-exalting, joyfully self-forgetting lovers of people.

The desire to be happy is the same as the desire of being hungry. It is a God-given thing, written right on our hearts.

God put Himself as the all-satisfying center of all joy. The reason you are not happy, if you are not, is because you have not gotten to the center yet.

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